The Shiloh Collective

The Shiloh Collective was started by us, Kero and Athalia. We always have scented candles burning at home, creating a cosy atmosphere. We thought we'd try our hand at making some, just as a fun afternoon activity for us both. Our first experimental batch turned out great and from that, the idea for handmaking and selling our scented candles was born.
We loved that we could play around with different scents, colours and looks and thought that others might enjoy using the candles we created. We use only 100% soy wax. Our fragrances are Paraffin free, UV inhibitor free and animal testing free. We source all our materials from local suppliers.
Our candles are hand poured by the two of us. We only create small batches of our candles and switch up our scent range every few months. Our candles are a labour of love and we love sharing them with others!